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About CSC

Centre for Social Change-CSC, is a charitable organization, registered as a Trust on 5th February, 2018, having its registered office in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. It is designed as a hub for people and organizations where thoughts assimilate to create amalgamation of resources so that need based actions could be taken to make sustainable change.

We all have potentials to make a difference but its our choice to make a difference in the positive direction that leads to visible positive changes. However, most of the time we wait for a facilitator to:

  • Show us the path
  • Help us in activating our empathetic skills
  • Develop linkages with people of similar thoughts
  • Train and guide us in our approach

So, here we are, at CSC, we come together and contribute towards a most needed positive social change by engaging communities creatively and effectively to co-create a better future.

We uphold the principles of secularism, transparency, and accountability in all of our activities.

Our Philosophy & Approach

Our approach of working with the communities is influenced by first hand understanding of community needs and techniques of experiential learning obtained from the field of development and social change which generate well-being of people in a community.


Sharing Social Responsibility


Training for Skilling


Creating Opportunities