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Our Work

Areas of Work

CSC believes that everyone in this world is looking for a positive change. To make the changes happen as the way we wish to see, CSC focuses on its activity based on community need. To instil the feeling of belonging to a community, to imbibe the thoughts and values of social responsibility and to focus on self-development, CSC intervenes in communities through following programmes:

Community Empowerment through Mask Making

  • Covid 19 pandemic is not only taking lives, it is also taking away livelihoods for many. We, at CSC, are working to help secure livelihood of marginalized communities by , engaging women in mask making. These cloth masks are environmentally sustainable, can be washed and reused.
  • With your support these women would be able to earn for themselves and support their families.
  • Masks could be made custom based also. Place your order. For more clarification please contact 9899865246

Gaon Mera : Green and Clean Community - Environment building

  • To live life in a beautiful village is the dream for many of us and it always remains as a dream as we are constantly in search of livelihood, from better to best.
  • More than thirty percent of rural youth migrates to metro cities and nearby urban towns in search of livelihood. As they come with a purpose to earn livelihood, they come with a vision to earn money and go back to the village once they earn enough. However, they never earn enough to go back to their village and in the process they remain as a migrant in a small town or in a big city all through out their life. Gaon Mera focuses on bringing all shareholders of a community to one platform and co-create the dream of living in a clean and green environment a reality.

Ajeevan Shiksha : Lifelong learning

  • Ignited Minds: Focuses on children, adolescents and youth in building up their self-esteem and training them to be socially responsible.
  • Khilta Bachpan: The programme aims at helping children to enhance their learning abilities through focused intervention and playful activities.
  • Health for life: A healthy body with a healthy mind, focuses on people’s awareness about health care, emotional and psychological well -being, counselling and change towards positive thought process.
  • Learn and teach: To encourage adults and senior citizens to learn new skills as well as excel in the skills they have. A certification of prior learning to such skilled persons to facilitate teaching to the younger generation.

Swabalamby Hum : Economic Empowerment

  • Empowerment comes along with the economic independence of self. This could be achieved by enhancing one’s skills and knowledge. To facilitate youth to learn skills to produce and earn livelihood, thereby, contributing towards a sustainable economic growth of the self and family, CSC supports a training cum production centre at the Community.

Action Research:

  • This area is mainly responsible for conducting research and providing policy feedback and inputs to policymakers. Publishing books, reports, policy briefs and promoting innovative development techniques and approaches are also part of its responsibilities.